Sit back, relax and talk.

No Jargon

We are a no jargon, complete bargain telecoms company.

We don't 'cold call' and we never sit and bore.

The end of the hard sales pitch is over!

Lovely Rates

Here at SureBill we feel that our rates speak for themselves.

We can supply you with a telecoms service without being greedy and pride ourselves on being as transparent as possible.

Power to choose

SureBill puts the power to choose back in your hands.

All we ask is that you have a look at our call rates and packages, and make your own informed decision with what you want to do with your telecoms service.

No more sales people.

Constant phone calls

We have all experienced this; two or three phone calls a day from telecoms companies telling you what you can save if you change to them.

Should the decision to change provider be yours? Yes of course!

Un-necessary Meetings

Telephone lines are what they are, a communication service that costs per call. Why would anyone want a meeting about that?

Ok, some businesses have very complicated phone systems which may require some planning, but for the majority of businesses its as simple as swapping your electricity provider.

Pressure to sign-up.

If a deal is genuine and is really going to benefit you, then it will be available tomorrow and the day after!

You have no reason to be forced into making a decision you are unsure about, which is why we display what we have to offer, and let you choose whether you want it or not!

The Rates, plain simple and honest.

UK Geographic calls

This is a local call. For example calling a number starting 01/02/03.


UK Mobile calls

This is a call to the mobile networks, 02, Vodaphone, Orange or T-mobile.


Compare Rates

0800 Numbers

A call to any 0800 Freephone number


0845 Numbers

This is a to any number starting 0845 from the UK.


Compare Rates

0870 Numbers

This is a to any number starting 0870 from the UK.


Connection Charges

What does it cost you when we connect your call? Watch out, most companies don't show you this!


Compare Rates

Our packages, no suprises.

Need a Line?

Basic Line Rental

Our basic line rental is our no frills 'Line Only' package. Your calls will be billed at the super low rates above.

Your line will still be maintained by BT Openreach should there be any problems. This is perfect for the casual caller.


Line Rental + 500 Minutes

Why not have the cheapest line rental in the UK but with the added peace of mind of some free calls?

For the low cost monthly price of £15.45, you can have 500 free minutes to call any local or national number how cool is that!


Need call bundles?

600 Anytime

Need a little bit more free time on the phone? No problem, why not add our 600 Anytime minutes to your package to give you an extra 10 Hours of free talk time to any local or national number!


Unlimited Call

Does your business revolve around making calls? Well don't worry we have a package for you.

Sit back and talk, talk , talk with the assurance that all your local and national calls are free with our Unlimited Package!


Things that apply to everything

Package Information

All of our packages are subject to a 12 month contract. All calls are capped up to an hour at 10p for Local and National calls and 30p for mobiles. All calls are subject to a call connection fee which is displayed in our "Rates" section. BT Openreach still maintains the line. All prices are excluding VAT and call rates are displayed in pence per minute. Thats it! Easy, we know.

So this is it, our offer, it's yours for the taking.

So by now you've decided if we are the kind of company you would like to work with. Below we have laid everything out so you can put together your very own package, so select away. Any questions just ask :-)

  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3
  • Step 4
  • Step 5
  • Step 6
  • Finish

Basic Line

Line 500

Just Lines

Calls and Lines

600 Anytime


New Line

Existing Line

Existing Number:



Per Month

Package Title

Monthly Line Rental




Line Installation Cost


Contact Number:


Thank you so much. So what happens next? One of our agents will be contacting you to get things moving. There will be a few forms to sign which we will email you. Apart from that, we'll do the rest! Thanks again, SureBill.

Get in touch. We are here to help!





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